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The Counseling and Guidance Program in St. Mary's is available to all students.  The counseling program includes academic, career, and personal/social counseling.  

       Academic counseling includes:  encouraging all students to enhance their high school academic achievements.  This enables students to acquire the skills necessary to engage in lifelong learning and to prepare for the competitive world of work; coordinate the Weekly Progress Reports;  inform students of the up-to-date high school graduation requirements; help students with their high school class registration; identify to students the entrance requirements for colleges and technical schools; help individuals with their post-high school planning; present  local and national scholarship information; coordinate all the state-mandated testing;  present current information and registration materials to students  for the ACT assessment; distribute financial aid information to students and parents; etc.


     Career counseling includes:  utilizing (with students in grades 9-12) the “Choices” software program to identify individual career interests, occupational information, college and technical school information, and scholarship opportunities; job shadowing experiences (juniors and seniors); career fairs; reports and presenting a speech on a chosen career as part of the speech class for English 1; students will summarize  individual career and college interests on a “Career and Life Planning Action Plan” which is discussed individually with the counselor; utilize the Career Assessment Program (freshmen) and the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (juniors) to identify careers that may match student’s  interests and abilities (Holland Types); etc.


     Personal/Social counseling promotes in students the skills needed to make wise choices; solve interpersonal problems; make optional use of students’ educational opportunities; to behave responsibly in the school, the family, and the community; and to understand and respect themselves and others.  The counselor meets individually with students in need by  self referrals, staff referrals, or parent referrals.